About Me



Welcome to my store!

I'm Roselle and I'm so grateful for your interest in my art journey so far.

Art has always played a huge part in my life. As a small child, I would stare at a painting my mum had for what seemed like hours and my 5 year old imagination would take me to places of magic and mystery, I would actually feel as though I was inside the painting. 

I found it hard to express myself in school so I focused heavily on my creativity to express myself in ways I couldn’t elsewhere. Art sparked a light inside of me, making me feel alive, giving me that bit of self worth it’s so easy to lose as a teenager.

I treated it as a hobby for many years, hiding my work away at home and getting it out every so often to see if it was as I  remembered it. I had my children to take care of so a hobby seemed a bit of a luxury for awhile.

Then, in 2011 I became so poorly whilst pregnant with my third child, that I had to have emergency surgery, with him being born 3 months prem and both of us nearly losing our lives!

Dramatic as it sounds, I felt I had been given a second chance at life! My gratitude for this second chance made me take stock of my life and do a whole lot of soul searching, in which time I realised my only wish was to be truly happy, and to make as many people around me happy too!

After lots of self development and mindset work I decided to learn the healing art of Reiki and was attuned at Reiki Master level which changed my life in so many positive ways.

I became obsessed with crystals, healing energy and was taken on a deep journey into self awareness which led me so far to where I am today.

The best thing about all of this was that it brought me clarity and allowed me to rekindle my passion for art, but this time I knew I could make a difference with it, and rather than hiding my creations away, I decided to make it my goal to share it with as many people as I could in order to make them feel inspired and happy too.

So many of us want more peace and happiness in our lives and my aim here is to  combine a lifelong passion for art and homewares and a more recent passion for crystals, Reiki and high vibe energy work, to bring beauty and balance to you and your homes.

I truly believe a piece of art has the ability to take you on a journey totally personal to you, one of beauty, magic and even a little mystery. My hope is that you can immerse yourself in your favourite piece and allow it to take you to that place in your imagination where only you can visit. Your little bit of meditation in a painting!


Much love and gratitude, 
Roselle xx